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Swede: SEALs of Honor

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Swede watched the other SEALs fall one by one, even as murder got in the way of love...
But his turn for love had yet to come. Swede hoped that he'd be lucky enough to find the perfect partner but knew it wasn't going to happen while deep in the wilds of Mexico hunting a rebel training camp. Until a group of civilians showed up in the middle of their operation and he found out that the one person he'd known to be the wrong woman for him - was right in the middle of it.

Eva had always loved animals, especially those in need. When a friend requested help moving a large group of horses from Mexico to their new homes, she jumped at it. And landed in trouble. With Swede, an old frenemy determined to extricate her.

As he worked to keep her safe, she struggled to protect her heart.
Only the rebels had plans of their own - and it didn't involve a happy ending for either of them.