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Broken Protocols 1-4

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Broken Protocols: Books 1-4

Set two hundred years in the future, Milo Blackburn knows his brother Liev's deepest desire is Lani Summerland, a woman who fascinates and obsesses him. In order to give Liev what he wants, Milo sets about bringing Lani into their time period. To do so poses risks, chief among them the fact that she doesn't have the skills for the advanced world they live in. Simple to add a few enhanced computer and communication skills as he's morphing her from the past, he thinks…just before she lands in his time carrying her pet--an orange Persian cat by the name of Charming Marvin. Lo and behold, the feline has a few new and improved augments of its own…

This collection includes;
Book 1: Cat's Meow
Book 2: Cat’s Pajamas
Book 3: Cat's Cradle
Cat's Claus, A Broken Protocols Series Christmas Tale